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Terms and Conditions


1 General

1.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking promises to care for your pet/s to a high standard using force free/positive reward methods. Build a Bond dog training and walking strictly adheres to The Animal Welfare Act 2006. To enable us to care for your pet/s appropriately Owners must provide all essential items to do so. This includes (but is not limited to) leads, a fitted harness, collar, food, water, bowls, muzzles, coats and towels.

1.2 Build a Bond dog training and walking cannot be held responsible for any mess or damage to your property and/or belongings by your pet/s. This includes mud, urine, faeces, vomit, chewing etc. Should damage and/or mess be present prior to our arrival, we will deduct 5 (five) minutes from the walk or visit to clear away what could be harmful to your pet/s upon return. All cleaning products will need to be provided by Owners for us to do this and must be pet safe.

1.3 It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet/s are microchipped by law and have tags with the appropriate information and up to date contact details.

1.4 Build a Bond dog training and walking does not operate on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. We do however operate on occasional weekends and evenings outside of our working hours but may incur additional fees.

1.5a Build a Bond dog training and walking aims to be on time for any requested time; however, working with animals can present unpredictable and unexpected circumstances including (but not limited to) vet trips, owners needing to speak to us, traffic.

1.5b We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please note that we treat all Owners equally and should you need to speak to us for any reason, we are more than happy to address your concerns and answer at the time or via a phone call later in the day depending on time.

1.6 Build a Bond dog training and walking is a small business with team members. There may be occasions when we are down a team member as well as other matters that we may need to attend to. Should any problems arise, we will inform Owners as soon as possible if we are running late or need to reschedule.

1.7 If the dog is known to run out of the door, Build a Bond dog training and walking expects the dog to be kept away from the door we hold keys for to prevent any escaping upon entry.

1.8 Build a Bond dog training and walking cannot be held responsible for any damage to the Owner's property or belongings if others (including but not limited to family and friends) have a key to the property.

1.9 All keys and sensitive/personal information will be stored in a secure, locked safe overnight.  

2 Dog Walking
2.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking will not use any aversive equipment and will walk dogs on a fitted Y shaped harness or appropriate collar. This is for the health and safety of the dog/s, therefore any equipment deemed harmful or aversive to the dog will not be used. 

2.2 Build a Bond dog training and walking will at times allow dogs off lead if express permission is given. The dogs may remain on lead if deemed necessary. Dogs who lack recall may be attached to a long line.

2.3 Owner’s will need to provide the equipment suitable for walking. Build a Bond dog training and walking encourage the Owner’s choice of harness (providing it is Y shaped) to be used for all walks.

2.4 Dogs under the age of 1 years old will be walked for an appropriate length of time, this is to ensure development of bones and joints aren’t disrupted. If booked for longer they may be returned home for play time, training etc for the remaining time left which the Owner has booked.

2.5 Disabled dogs who require aid (wheels, pushchair) are more than welcome to be ‘walked’. Owner’s must provide suitable equipment; Build a Bond dog training and walking understands the importance of dogs interacting outside of their own home and garden.

2.6a Build a Bond dog training and walking operates in different weather conditions (excluding extreme weather) and we try our best to avoid mud, puddles and other bodies of water if you request. This is however impossible to do during bad weather. Should your pet require any coats/jumpers/boots, towels, sun creams these must be provided by the Owner. We cannot be held responsible for any mess made by your pet such as muddy paws.

2.6b Build a Bond dog training and walking will monitor weather warnings and make the decision if a home visit is more suitable for your pet/s than a walk. This is to help prevent injury and/or illness to your pet/s such as heat stroke, burns to pads, etc.

2.7 Bitches in season will not be walked in a group setting until 30 (thirty) days after the season started. Should your bitch come into season please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule or provide a solo walk.

3 Pet sitting

3.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking provides pet sitting for dogs, but should you require care for other species including:
Rabbits / Guinea pigs
Hamsters / rats / gerbils / mice
Non venomous snakes
Geckos / lizards
Chickens / domestic birds

Fish / amphibians

We have experience in the welfare of these species. For us to do this for you please get in touch with us to discuss further on how we can help.

3.2 Pet sitting is done in the Owner’s home and will include garden let outs, play time, feeding, walking, training and any additional tasks required for your pet.


3.3 Build a Bond dog training and walking cannot be held responsible for any damage to the Owner's property or belongings. 


3.4 Pet sitting requires a 10% deposit to book (mind £20), we will require full payment at least 1 week prior to the pet sit commencing. Cancellations require at least a 7 day notice otherwise full payment will be needed. 

4 Injuries, accidents & emergencies

4.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking is insured in the event that your pet is injured while in our care. We cannot accept responsibility for any accident, injury or illness that we could not have prevented. We highly recommend that all pets are insured with a reputable insurance provider and that Owners are aware of what their policies cover as this would be covered by the Owner.

4.2a Under The Veterinary Surgeon Act 1966 in accordance with Schedule 3, Build a Bond dog training and walking can perform emergency first aid & CPR. Under the act we can also administer minor medical treatment if necessary with the legal Owner’s written consent, this meaning prescribed oral medication/inhalers.

4.2b Should your pet/s become ill or injured in our care, Build a Bond dog training and walking  will follow The Animal Welfare Act 2006, Section 4 and always take the animal to the nearest veterinary surgeon of our location in the event of an emergency.

5 Payment terms

5.1 Payments are required in advance.

5.2 Holiday rates* will be charged for any service needed on UK recognised Bank Holidays.

5.3 an extra charge will be applied to those requiring our services after 7PM.


5.4 From 1 April 2022 Build a Bond Dog Training and Walking is VAT Registered.


5.5 All bookings purchased after 1 April 2022 include VAT at the Standard Rate. If you require a VAT Receipt we can provide one on request. VAT invoices for products are provided automatically.

6 Cancellation Policy

6.1a Build a Bond dog training and walking has a 48 hours notice for cancellations, Owners who cancel with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at full rate and will not receive a refund. For pet sitting cancellations require at least a 7 day notice otherwise full payment will be needed. 

6.1b Build a Bond dog training and walking may offer a refund/banked service in some circumstances including (but not limited to) emergencies, severe illness or death in the family (human or animal).

6.2a Services cancelled before the 48 hours will be entitled to a partial refund (depending on service) or their payment will be kept and rescheduled if preferred.

6.2b Build a Bond dog training and walking gives the options for Owners to reschedule a service when cancelling 48 hours or more before a service is due to be carried out. Owners can reschedule up to 2 times and must be used within 8 weeks. 

7  Insurance
7.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking is fully insured.

7.2 Build a Bond dog training and walking is insured for Public and employee Liability, Key and Lock replacements if damaged or lost. 

7.3 Build a Bond dog training and walking is insured to provide Dog Walking, Pet sitting, Pet Taxi and Dog Training.

8 Photo/video consent

8.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking posts photos/videos of pets in our care. These will appear on social media, websites and advertising for the business.

8.2a Images will not contain any personal information and we will be sure to blur out any details on identification tags dogs wear.

8.2b Images will only contain the name of the pet and will never contain information that could make the animal/owner/business a target.


8.3 Please inform us if you wish for your pet not to have any photos or videos used in this way.

9 Data Privacy Policy

9.1 Build a Bond dog training and walking holds the following information:
Name, address, contact numbers and email address of the Owner.
Pet/s name, breed, details of microchip, insurance details, neutered/spayed, vaccinations and health issues known.
Emergency contact details.
Registered Veterinary Surgeon’s details.

9.2 This information is held by Build a Bond dog training and walking for the interest of Owners and their pet/s only. We do not share this information with any third parties unless we need to for emergencies and following animal welfare procedures this includes (but not limited to) the local Dog Warden, the council, tradings, RSPCA or the police.

This document will be amended as and when deemed necessary. Any information not declared which could jeopardise health & safety to animals or persons involved will result in termination of contract without warning

Build a Bond Training classes

  • Please bring treats for your dog, if possible bring some nice treats as well such as cut up hot dogs, cheese, chicken or similar.

  • Please ensure your dog is wearing a collar with identification tags.

  • We would prefer for the dog to be wearing a comfortable harness and a fabric clip on lead preferably not an extendable lead.

  • Please do not bring any aversive training equipment such as: choke chains, slip lead, prong collar, pet corrector, water gun, shock collar and spray collars.

Rules for classes

  • Aversive equipment or training methods will not be allowed in training classes, any handler practicing these techniques against instruction will be asked to leave.

  • Any dog’s behaviour which causes disturbance to others in the group session may be asked to undertake 1-2-1 tuition to resolve the behaviour before re-joining a group class.

  • Proof of vaccinations will be required before dogs can attend classes.

  • Any dogs showing signs of illness may be asked to leave and seek veterinary advice.

  • Anyone under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.


​Dogs and handlers that participate in Build a Bond dog training sessions do so entirely at their own risk. In the event of accident or injury, Build a Bond or any staff attending will not be held liable. In agreeing to this document you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any injury or damage to yourself, spectators, or your dog(s). You are also fully liable for your dog(s) should they cause any damage or injury towards another dog or person. Any dog exhibiting aggression/reactivity will be asked to leave group sessions or if it is deemed the dog may pose a risk to other dogs and people. Cars and any personal possessions left unattended are left at entirely your own risk Build a Bond dog training cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage that may occur whilst attending dog training classes.

Please read our cancellation policy carefully upon booking, refunds will not be given if not followed correctly, once the course starts no refunds will be given. 

Cancellations for daycare + walks*-
Please be aware that Cancellations must be before 24 hours of pickup or no refund will be offered. To request a refund following a cancellation please contact us. Selected services can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance. 
There is a late booking surcharge for booking within 24 hours.

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