We Love Our Dogs and What We Do!

We are here to help so please look through our services and contact us if you are unsure what services you need.

Dog training classes

We hold dog training, puppy training and advanced dog training classes every week. Our classes are normally held on a weekday evenings normally lasting 1 hour depending on the class. We have no more than 6 dogs per trainer in our classes for a more personal experience. 

1-2-1 training sessions

Our 1-2-1 services are booked in on weekdays depending on availability and normally last 1 hour depending on what needs to be covered. We usually come to your local area/house to help with your specific training needs.

Behaviour consultations

Behaviour consultations are normally needed if a dog is displaying an unwanted behaviour e.g barking at other dogs, barking at people or in some cases if your dog is displaying aggression. Please see the link below or contact us as soon as possible.