Big Group Dog Walk

Some photos above are of our last big dog walk, others of our group walks


Fun group walk for all to join


Dates and Location- 

This event will be held at holme pierrepont country park, Nottingham. 

Sunday 11th August 2022 @12pm. Only £5 per dog. 

Please be aware there is a £5 parking charge as standard for the country park on a Saturday. It is free to walk into the park on foot though.

What to expect- 

There will be multiple other dogs and families at the event which means you are able to safely socialise your dogs with others. This also gives you a chance to meet some of the team and will be able to ask questions that may help you and your dog.


We will be meeting at the country park from 11.45am from there we will be walking down the main path around the lake for some of the walk and then heading into a small woodland before looping back. Overall the walk should take around 45minutes to 1 hour (roughly 3 miles). Those who want to make it longer can walk around the whole of the lake but will leave the event after half way. ​

Due to the safety of all those using the country park all dogs will need to be kept on a lead for the duration of this event. please be respectful of other people and dogs during the walk, ensure you ask before approaching another dog to greet. 

*If your dog cannot cope in large groups or show aggression/reactivity you may be asked to leave the event*

Terms and conditions -

*pre-book to secure your space on the walk, but you can just turn up on the day

*Country park parking fee is £5

*walk will be between 45minutes - 1 hour long

*Dogs must me kept on a lead and under control at all times

*Dogs must be good with other dogs and crowds of people (please contact us before booking if unsure)

*no flexi-leads, slip leads, choke chains, or other aversive equipment allowed

*Booking is non-refundable

*Must be fully vaccinated (proof required) or titre test

*We will be starting the walk at 12pm so please do not be late