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Dog Trainer and walker

I am a life long animal lover, having owned many different animals over the years whilst growing up, but dogs have always been my passion. I currently have 5 dogs (yes I am a crazy dog lady!)​They are all so different and I really enjoy training with them, learning new tricks as well as doing obedience and agility.
Over the years I have had lots of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, from high energy (my springer spaniel comes to mind!) to the less energetic and most recently our rescue Betsy who came from Fuerteventura, she suffered with fear and anxiety as well as being very reactive.
I am often asked for advice whilst I'm out and about and i love to be able to help people and their dogs.
I have completed courses in Canine Body Language, Canine Reactivity, Rapid Recall 
IMDT Perfect Puppy and 
IMDT Canine First Aid
I am really looking forward to my new career  as a dog trainer and walker with Build A Bond and also getting to know you and your dogs.


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