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Daniel K

Pet sitter

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by dogs, apparently when I was little my favourite film that I always wanted on was the classic 101 Dalmatians film & I still love that film even today.

My passion for dogs has only grown since then, although not being able to have a dog of my own due to family work life when I was a kid, I got plenty of dog experiences through friends of family with dogs & as I got older that grew into being a volunteer dog walker with my family when I was in my early teens.

Fast forward to my adulthood I have continued to find volunteer roles at both boarding kennels & dog rescues & dog sat for friends & family, which only helped to fuel my passion even more & teach me of the ins and outs of how working with dogs & just how rewarding it can be.

After saving enough money I took my first big step of turning my passion into a career in 2022 by paying for courses in becoming a dog trainer by IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), it was one of the most rewarding & amazing experiences ever.

After those courses I shadowed dog trainers & continued with volunteering to build up plenty of experience whilst searching for a job, during that time with help from the job centre I was able to do a level 3 Animal Care course & a Canine First Aid course, which I was most grateful that I did after needing to get a stuck stink out of a dogs mouth.

All these wonderful experiences have led me here to being a pet sitter at Build a Bond, where I am beyond excited to start this next chapter of my life.


Daniel K
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