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Spoil your pet with a lick mat, ideal puppies and adult dogs alike. Spread you pet's favorite healthy soft treat over mat surface or use specially designed 'lickimat sprinkles' which will sooth and calm your pet through licking. Enjoy small treats without overfeeding. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health. Perfect for thick sticky treats like peanut butter or soggy biscuits.


There are different styles of mat to cater for any dog. Lickimat soother/Playdate and Buddy all with different pattens making it harder or easier for the dog to lick it clean. Lickimat tuff which is designed for those that are prone to ripping up toys. Lickimat wobble which is desinged to wobble and make it harder and more fun for the dogs to get the treats. 

Licki Mat- Normal

VAT Included
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