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Escape proof dog training harness -

  • Has 3 straps to secure the dog further and to make it escape proof *when fitted correctly*

  • Larger grab handle which supports the dog more for lifting over objects such as styles

  • Has 5 clips to enable ease of getting harness on or off (perfect for those worried of harnesses)

  • Is brightly coloured for extra visibility!

  • Has reflective strips on the outer edges

  • Sizes are designed to adjust more than other harnesses to enable a good fit for most breeds

  • Has a back D ring and one on the Front to enable 2 points of contact making it anti-pull

  • VERY STRONG - Strength tested to withstand up to 200KG of pressure (average dog is 15 KG)

  • Materials used are breatheable while maintining a very strong sturdy harness

  • Build a Bond branded, we are proud to have our name on our equipment, we trust our product to protect your dog




Medium - 

Neck = 50-58CM

Chest = 57-77CM

Body = 55-71CM 


Large - 

Neck = 53-62CM

Chest = 66-89CM 

Body = 64-83CM

Escape proof dog training harness - Build a Bond dog training and walking

PriceFrom £33.99
VAT Included
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