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Pet sitter and daycare assistant

For longer than I can remember, my family have always been dog lovers, especially my uncle. He has had a German Shepard called Bear who I can not remember my life without ! As a bonus, he is a dog trainer and I have always loved watching his sessions. This is what sparked my love for dogs. Not only do I love the training side of the job, and seeing the progression the dogs make, I love the bond that can be formed with them and how kind natured they are.

I started volunteering at Build-a-Bond in September 2023 and then became a pet sitter for the company which gives me the opportunity to get to know the dogs better and makes me happy getting to spend more time with them. Between pet sits, you may also find me working in Daycare !

I am currently working towards doing my Level 3 in dog grooming and am constantly working to try and build up my knowledge even more with the help of all the other staff !


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