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Dog trainer and daycare assistant manager

My love for dogs first started to grow when I was 5 and my family adopted an 8 month old Staffie who I was honoured to know and love for 14 years. I studied Animal Welfare BSc(Hons) at University. Through work experience I got my first ‘proper’ job at a boarding kennels.
 I was then very lucky to be offered a job at Dogs Trust Loughborough, where I have worked for the past 9 years. During my years at Dogs Trust I have learnt a lot about canine behaviour, positive reinforcement and different training techniques through looking after the dogs and helping with their training in order to get them ready for their forever homes. I also adopted my first dog from Dogs Trust, Chuck, an 11 year old Staffie cross.
Chuck helped me welcome the first of my two daughters into my life and lived to almost 17. I am now dogless so have to get my dog fix through cuddling all the beautiful dogs that come into the daycare centre.


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