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The Halti Comfort Collar is a cosy padded yet practical collar that is easy to adjust, with a strong and secure 3 point button release clip. Soft neoprene padding offers a comfortable fit for your dog all day long. Featuring reflective 3M Scotchlite stitching for increased visibility and safety of your dog in low light.  The Hati Comfort Collar brings together style and functionality and is made from premium grade two-tone colour webbing.


- Strong 3 point button release clip;

-Soft neoprene inner lining;

-3M Reflective stitching for safety.

Small: Neck 25-33cm suitable for small dogs such as Border Terriers;

Medium: Neck 30-60cm suitable for medium sized dogs such as Springer Spaniels;

Large: Neck 45-70cm suitable for large dogs such as Great Danes.

Halti comfort collar - S, M, L

PriceFrom £7.00
VAT Included
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