Scent Workshop


A 1 hour fun scent workshop!


Dates and Location- 

This event will be held at Cotgrave Methodist Church in Cotgrave, Nottingham. 

November 21st at 11am for 1 hour. £15 per dog (+2 people) or £5 per person with no dog.


This event will be capped at 5 dogs in the hall at one time so please contact us if you wish to join!

We may have multiple venues depending on popularity of this event, contact us if you would like us to run it in your area!

What to expect- 

Below are all the skills you and your dog will learn during the 1-hour workshop. Please be aware this is a fun scent workshop, and it will be suitable for dogs of all abilities but will not be for professional/competetive scentwork training.

  • Basics on how a dogs nose works

  • Fun scent game ideas handout

  • Lots of variations of ‘find it’ games with treats/toys

  • Scent discrimination (targeting a particular scent)

  • Teaching dogs to ‘indicate’ (pause/sit/down/bark when identifies correct scents)

  • Identify and follow a scent trail

  • How to ‘free search’ which is an independent search for an scent (normally added to a toy)

  • How to follow a scent trail during free searches


All of the above will be practiced inside in different scenarios. There may be a short break for the dogs in between activities.

During this session we will tutor you and your dog how to preform and progress each activity.

This workshop is perfect for dogs who like to use their nose but unfortunately due to other dogs present they must be able to socialise well with other dogs.

Cost of this event is £15 per dog (+2 people). Maximum of 5 dogs per workshop

Anyone is welcome to come and observe the techniques used during this workshop in the event their dog cannot come to class, it is £5 per person (with no dog).

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