Why did I Start Build A Bond dog training?

Anyone who has read my previous blog post will now know that I grew up always wanting to work with animals specifically dogs. The second i left college i started to work in a boarding kennels with dogs. For 12 years since then I have been working my way around different kennels and organisations relating to dogs and most importantly dog training. During this time i have learnt a lot about dogs but most importantly about dog owners...

Most dog owners that i have met adore and love their dog, which is incredible, but most people due to lack of Training and behaviour knowledge do not realise what to do when they experience a behaviour problem. The first place people turn to these days are the internet, it is worrying the fact every time you search you are bombarded with that famous dog trainers such as Cesar Milan, I dont even need to mention about the many people out there that 'have owned dogs all my life'.

So after multiple years working with dog owners and dogs i realised the lack of understanding people had of positive reinforcement, more than one person has said to me 'I would never use positive reinforcement because i dont want to bribe my dog'. It made me wonder, where do people go when they have a behaviour problem? I did a local search on google and looked through a few websites and Facebook dog trainers, at the time out of 8 dog trainers only 1 of these used positive reinforcement only. Considering that Positive Reinforcement is scientifically proven and is growing in popularity, there was still a greater number of people looking to 'Dominance training' and 'Balanced training' to help them with their dogs. When delving deeper into the current situation, I soon realised the cost of 1-2-1 and behaviour consultations would vary massively but Positive reinforcement trainers with in depth knowledge and academic qualifications were often the most expensive.

All of the above made me realise there was a need for more positive trainers but at a more affordable price. To answer the original title 'Why did I start Build A Bond dog training?' I started the business to help other dogs by educating and helping owners better understand and train their dogs using positive reinforcement at an affordable price. I may not have an academic background but my experience, passion and results speak volumes.

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