bernie being trained
AJ on shoulders
Aj going through legs
Aj and Jodie being walked

Our main goal is to educate more people in modern dog training techniques by using positive reinforcement and reward based methods. These scientifically proven methods can help overcome many unwanted behaviours, preventing behaviour concerns from developing in the future. Alternatively, even if you have no behavioural concerns for your dog, we are more than happy to help to assist you in that process of developing a more meaningful bond between you and your dog. 

Strengthening the Bond Between

You and Your Dog


About Adrian

Over the 14 years I have been working with dogs, my passion has always been training dogs and educating people to ensure more dogs have the best possible life. 

I currently have my two rescue dogs called AJ and Jodie. AJ is a staffie cross lurcher who I love to teach new tricks in my spare time. Jodie is currently learning some basic commands but is less enthusiastic about training.

Previously I have worked within Dogs Trust as a dog behaviourist for 8 years. On a daily basis, I would encounter a wide variety of dogs with multiple behavioural problems. Witnessing a dogs transformation during training and working alongside owners I find is an incredibly rewarding experience which I am pursuing further though Build a Bond dog training. 

Behaviourist and Owner of Build a Bond


About Emma

Growing up I had a variety of pets from dogs to reptiles, and increased my experience with animals and my passion to care for them. I've done lots of pet sitting for family and friends and i love doing fun training with my own pets too.

I enjoy volunteering with rescue animals in my spare time, I've even spent time abroad in spanish rescues. It was such an amazing experience seeing dogs go from their lowest points in their life to their loving homes back in the UK.

I have a certificate in canine body language and will soon be canine first aid trained too.

Dog Walker and Pet sitter


About Fiona

Dog Trainer and walker

I am a life long animal lover, having owned many different animals over the years whilst growing up, but dogs have always been my passion. I currently have 5 dogs (yes I am a crazy dog lady!)​They are all so different and I really enjoy training with them, learning new tricks as well as doing obedience and agility.

Over the years I have had lots of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, from high energy (my springer spaniel comes to mind!) to the less energetic and most recently our rescue Betsy who came from Fuerteventura, she suffered with fear and anxiety as well as being very reactive.

I am often asked for advice whilst I'm out and about and i love to be able to help people and their dogs. I recently completed courses on Canine body language and reactivity with the dog training College  as well as my Canine first aid certificate.

I am really looking forward to my new career  as a dog trainer and walker with Build A Bond and also getting to know you and your dogs.

Our Team

Here is our friendly, knowledgeable team who are always willing to help. 


Dog walker and Pet sitter

Adrian Rybicki 
*RCDTBP Signatory*
*Pet Professional Guild Canine Training Proffessional*

Owner of Build a bond dog training


Dog trainer and walker

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